Eye catching product packaging

Product Packaging

Eye catching product packaging for any product.

Eye catching product packaging

cbd hemp labels and packaging

We are Durban’s number 1 product packaging designers.

From product labels to box packaging, we have a unique design for your product brand. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing your product is unique.

We package products for any product on earth.

  • Hemp oils,
  • Bath oils,
  • Skin care products,
  • Body lotions,
  • Body scrubs,
  • Bio oils,
  • Eco friendly bottles,
  • Organic product types,
  • Organic skin care bottles,
  • Bath products.

Whether you are based in Durban, Cape Town, Gauteng or even Pretoria is no problem.

We create the designs and work with print companies in your area , therefore, you can receive your labels asap.

However, we can print them as well and ship them to your door!

Whatsapp me for a professional product label at any time on 078 615 9552.

Product packaging for any shape and size.

We know that having a unique shape bottle makes you different from the average.

And, packing can be a problem if you have some awesome shaped bottles.

We design labels on any template and even have them custom cut to what ever shape your choose.

Your product will be one of it’s kind, even if there are hundreds of similar products out there. Eye catching product packaging will definitely attract more buyers.

Although, We’ve come across many products which a very similar as they are packaged in the same bottles, and, we have managed to make them each very different!

You don’t even need to have a product website when your label has all the info regarding it’s contents, however, we advise you to create a product website to increase sales of your product.

A single product website.

Having a single product website that reflects the design of your labels and packaging is a must.

There are many other people offering similar products, therefore, your website must give them more information of what makes your product different.

Poor Packaging can effect your business.

Find out more on how poor packaging can effect your business here.