Logo Design

Your logo design leaves a lasting impression on your business or organisation. Let us design and create your logo for you which will enhance your brand.




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The process

Creating a logo is a back and forth process which ensures that we provide you with exactly what you require.  There are a few steps that we take that promises a stunning logo at the end.

Vision and Concept

Your logo is your fingerprint and must personalise it to perfection with a vision and concept.

We therefore, discuss the idea and your vision summery should be a short insight of your colour scheme.

Use other logo ideas when you put a vision summery together. We will have a better understanding when design and create a logo. 3 logos are created.  Nimsat provides you with few different colour concepts.

Design and create a logo Experience

We had done my homework on logo design. With over 12years of design experience. We do more and more logos each day.

Logo Prototype

We put ideas together at low resolution, because we cut and paste, from a few ideas to arrive at a concept.  3 concept prototypes are created and submit for approval.

Hence forth, you may want to use designs from each logo and combine them into the final design. Clients prefer to have a basic logo that is easy to read. We use CMYK for all our graphics.

Our design team are working supper fast to produce stunning graphics. They share ideas and inspiration.

Design and Create

We create the design. Because, a high resolution is required. A high resolution logo is used for printing on large signage material. Many people want crisp images.

Nimsat Web Technology supplies the logo’s to you in 3 formats. PNG, PDF and JPG. If you are a business that has just started up, I encourage you to create your website with us. We already know what you have in mind. So, we use that to create the website look and feel.

What is a colour scheme?

Choose a colour Design and create a logo

A colour scheme is a mix of your favourite colours that you choose as your brand identity. Although, it may be similar to other brands, it will look different on your logo design.

Choosing a colour scheme is easy as pie and, is up to your imagination when you pick the colours! and, we make it look good. But, we advise you to keep them simple.

Corporates use standard colours. Clients find it easier to see and remember. Hence, we use dark colours. We also recommend shades of black. It helps with a solid appearance.

We are happy to assist you with your logo and our suggestions.