osOpenserve and Huawei have announced the successful deployment of a high-speed fibre packet and optical transport network.

This will enable Openserve to respond to the growth in demand for data services across South Africa, said the company.

Trial results have indicated a seven-fold increase in the speed of fibre deployment, it added.

The network will support 8Tbps (8,000Gbps) per fibre pair, with one pair of fibre supporting 400,000 families with 20Mbps bandwidth per family concurrently.

It uses Software Defined Networking (SDN) architecture, with the core network deployment starting in Gauteng and currently being rolled out nationally.

“We insisted in this architecture when we began designing our packet and optical transport network in 2014,” said Alphonzo Samuels, CEO of Openserve.

“With the quick service provisioning and smart management that SDN brings, we can quickly develop more innovative services to meet various customer requirements, improving our competitive position in South Africa’s telecom market.”

Openserve is currently finalising the process before implementation and is investigating future services which would also use SDN architecture.



Credits: MyBroadband

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